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When will the application information be sent to high school principals and guidance counselors, and how does the principal select the school's nominee?
The first week of school, a letter with information on the program and the application timeline will be sent to every public and private high school principal and school counselor.  The application portal will open no later than September 1.

It is completely up to the local school district to decide how to select one student to nominate to the USSYP.  Some principals delegate that responsibility to someone such as a school counselor or student council advisor.  They may have a small committee within the school interview potential candidates.  
How do I apply for the USSYP, and what are the eligibility requirements?
Students must complete the online application.  It is strongly advised that students download the PDF of the application and answer the questions first on paper before returning to enter answers.  Although applicants may return to the form multiple times, you cannot work ahead due to the required questions.  At this time, Wisconsin has moved to accepting applications electronically only.  If this is a problem, please contact the program coordinator  for assistance.

Every high school (public or private) in Wisconsin may nominate one student.  Nominated students must be a high school junior or senior during the current school year, and must be serving in an elected or selected capacity in a student government, civic, or educational organization (for example, student body or class president, vice president, treasurer or secretary, or  student council representative). Participation or holding an officer position in academic clubs and/or educational competition programs DO NOT qualify students for USSYP (ex: Badger Boys/Girls State, member of National Honor Society, officer in Mock Trial, Model UN, or Debate).  It is the students responsibility to check the official USSYP brochure to ensure their eligibility. Students must be a permanent resident of the US and currently enrolled in a high school in Wisconsin.  At least one parent must also reside in Wisconsin.  In addition, Wisconsin students must fill out the application in its' entirety, answer the essay questions posed, and obtain a short letter of recommendation from their school principal. 
What is the deadline for the application materials, and where do I send them?
The online application portal will close at 8am on Monday, October 16, 2017.

All application materials will be accepted online only through the application portal (if link is not live, the application portal is not yet available or it is past the due date).  Letters of recommendation from the school administrator must be emailed to .

How are Wisconsin's student Delegates and Alternates chosen?
Wisconsin delegates are chosen using a three-step process.  Overall, applications must be clear and concise, with correct grammar and spelling.  The student will be able to express their ideas in an organized fashion.  They will have the ability to speak well and express their ideas and opinions appropriately.  They have exceptional knowledge of American government and US History, and perhaps plan to major in some related field after graduation from high school.  They are involved in their community and school, and have excellent leadership abilities.  They are currently serving in an elected capacity with a constituency of some kind. 
  1. Application materials are complete and due by the October 16, 2017 deadline.  This includes the short letter of recommendation from the school administrator and all required essays. 
  2. The ten students with the highest scores will receive notification that they are a finalist by October 26, 2017.  These ten students will sign up for a 15-minute interview time (by phone or via the web) on the morning of November 7, 2017 .  Included in these interviews may be:  the USSYP coordinator, Wisconsin educators, a USSYP delegate from past years, a representative from the Wisconsin State Bar, a Political Science professor from a Wisconsin university, a member of the state legislature, a member of the state supreme court, a Senator from the US Senate, and/or the finalists congressional representative.  
  3. The two students with the highest interview scores will be selected as delegates from Wisconsin and will be notified on December 8, 2017.  The two students with the next highest scores will be selected as alternates, who would attend the program if for some reason the delegates cannot. 

If you have additional questions, please contact Kristen McDaniel, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Social Studies Consultant [ (608) 266-2207 ]. 

For questions about this information, contact Kristen McDaniel (608) 266-2207