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Social Studies Bootcamp is a two-day workshop, rigorous and intense, in a "build your own PD" type format.  The first day is full of information and resources.  That evening, you provide feedback on what is important for the second day, at which times different groups are set up to work on what YOU think best fits your needs.  

District groups are encouraged to attend!

Bootcamp 2019

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Bootcamp 2019 will be focused on Year 2 Rollout of the Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies - Curriculum Revision.  We will talk about how local control in the State of Wisconsin works, review ideas such as backwards design, and have resources for curriculum gap analysis and course updates and equivalency options. There will be a LOT of work time available for you and your district; we encourage district teams to attend.

Extremely important to NOTE: DPI cannot tell you what to teach at each grade level.  This will NOT be a workshop where Kris is telling you what must be taught at any grade level or in any course.  It is designed to walk through social studies curriculum work, and districts will need to make some decisions.  The facilitators will be available to ask the tough questions such as, "Why is it ok that you have students entering high school without any knowledge of how our economy works?",  "Why are your students studying history every single year when we are a social studies state and the revised standards are quite explicit that all strands should be infused into courses?", "How are you meeting the state requirements for Act 31 (American Indian Studies) and/or Environmental Studies?", or "How will you incorporate inquiry into what you're doing in the classroom?"  We will also spend some time talking about systems of classroom assessment, civic engagement, and disciplinary literacy.  You will have time to talk within your district team, and across districts. 

Drafty agenda for Bootcamp 2019 

The three Bootcamp venues for 2019 will be the same content. Cost is $80/person until one month before the event, at which time the price goes up to $95/person.  Registration closes 8 days before the event (no exceptions). All three hotels have a small block of rooms at the $82/night state rate (single) until one month before the event; once the block is gone, there is no guarantee that the hotel will honor state rate.  Workshops are capped at 60 people (firm).

Bootcamps will start on the first day at 9am (registration & breakfast buffet opens at 8:15) and end at 4:30pm.  The second day we will start at 8:30am and end by 3pm. Full breakfast and lunch will be served at every Bootcamp venue both days. 

Bootcamp Oshkosh will be held July 1 & 2 at the Best Western Oshkosh Waterfront.  Registration is now open at DPI MyQuickReg 

Bootcamp Madison will be held July 10 & 11 at the Madison Concourse Hotel. Registration is now open at DPI MyQuickReg 

Bootcamp WI Dells will be held July 22 & 23 at the Wintergreen Resort & Conference Center.  Registration is now open at DPI MyQuickReg


Past Bootcamps and Resources

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Bootcamp Madison 2018 (Introducing the Revised Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies) - July 9/10 at The Madison Concourse in Madison, WI

Bootcamp Green Bay 2018 (Introducing the Revised Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies) - July 16/17 at The Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, WI

Bootcamp 2017 (Inquiry in Social Studies) - June 28/29 at The Madison Concourse in Madison.

Bootcamp Dells 2016 (Elementary Social Studies) - June 27/28 at Great Wolf Lodge in WI Dells.

Bootcamp Green Bay 2016 (Social Studies Discplinary Literacy) - July 28/29 at Tundra Lodge in Green Bay.

Bootcamp Dells 2015 (Social Studies Disciplinary Literacy) - June 29/30 at Chula Vista in WI Dells.

Bootcamp Green Bay 2015 (Building a Quality Social Studies Program) - July 20/21 at Tundra Lodge in Green Bay.

Bootcamp 2014 (Social Studies Best Practices and SLO's) - June 24/25 at Chula Vista in WI Dells.


For questions about this information, contact Kristen McDaniel (608) 266-2207