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GEAR UP Scholarship


Purpose: The GEAR Scholarship helps GEAR UP students meet their unmet financial need for college.

Eligibility: GEAR UP scholarships are available to students enrolled in a GEAR UP program.

A GEAR UP student must:

  • Have graduated high school
  • Be under 22 years of age at the time of application.
  • Be enrolled at a public, private, or technical college/university in Wisconsin.
  • Have unmet need or have loan and/or work study to be reduced or replaced.
  • Have a completed GEAR UP Scholarship Application on file at their local WEOP office PI-5108 GEAR UP Scholarship Application.

Maintaining Eligibility Throughout College

The GEAR UP scholarship may be renewed for up to eight consecutive semesters of enrollment at a qualified institution of higher education, as long as the student continues to make satisfactory academic progress according to the school's standards PI-5108 GEAR UP Scholarship Application.

If a student transfers to another college or university within Wisconsin, the scholarship will transfer as long as the student completes the  PI-5106 GEAR UP Scholarship Transfer Request 2019-20

If a student drops out of college for financial, medical, or military service reasons, the scholarship may be reinstated once the student re-enrolls in a college. To request reinstatement the student must submit the PI-5107 Request for Exemption of Continuous Enrollment Requirement Form.