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Talent Incentive Program Grants (TIP)


The TIP grant aids low-income and disadvantaged Wisconsin students with additional college funding to help reduce the student’s amount of loan, work-study, or unmet need.


  • Students must be attending at least part time.
  • Students must be a first-time freshman.
  • Students must be attending a public or private Wisconsin college or university.
  • A student must meet one criterion from Group A based on financial need and one criterion from Group B based on nontraditional/ disadvantaged circumstances
  • The TIP grant can be renewed for up to ten semesters of enrollment and must be used within six years of enrollment at a public, private, or technical college or university in Wisconsin.
  • Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Funding varies from year to year depending upon the number of continuing students. The Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) determines annually the amount of funds awarded for continuing students.  HEAB then divides the remaining funds between the WEOP offices and the college financial aid community to award to new freshman.    The TIP grant ranges from $600 to $1800 per school year. 

Student Application Process:

Completed applications should be submitted to your local WEOP Office

To upload your application to our secure server, submit a request to your local WEOP Office: 

Ashland WEOP Office

Eau Claire WEOP Office

Green Bay WEOP Office

Milwaukee WEOP Office

Wausau WEOP Office