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DPI Precollege Scholarship Program

Purpose:  The Precollege Scholarship Program allows students eligible for free or reduced price meals from across the state to experience college life on a college campus while they are attending middle and high school.


  • Students must be eligible to receive free or reduced price meals.
  • Students must be in grades 6 - 12.
  • Programs are available to eligible youth who meet the precollege admission requirements at the campus they chose to attend and based on availability.
  • Students must complete the DPI Precollege Scholarship Application form and return it to the college campus.
  • Student must receive verification from their middle or high school or a WEOP Education Specialist that they are eligible for free or reduce price meals.

Types of Precollege Programs

  • The programs are offered at a variety of public and private colleges/universities in Wisconsin.
  • The programs can be residential or non-residential.
  • The programs must have either an academic or career emphasis.
  • The length of the program varies from campus to campus.
  • Programs are offered during the summer as well as during the school year.

Funding According to WI State Statute 20.255 (3) (fz):

  • $1.9 million per fiscal year is available.
  • The DPI precollege scholarship pays for the cost of the course, books, supplies, and room and board.
  • A precollege scholarship is awarded to a student on a competitive basis based on availability.
  • Students can receive up to three scholarships per program year.
  • College campuses are awarded funds through a competitive process on a two-year grant cycle.

Students interested in the program can fill out the following forms:

2019-21 Precollege Scholarship Program Administrative Documents

2021-23 Precollege Scholarship Program Grant Cycle

WEOP is now accepting Precollege Scholarship Program Proposal Applications for the 2021-23 Grant Cycle.  The deadline to submit applications is February 12, 2021.  Applications must be submitted electronically to DPI-WEOP: 

For institutions with 2019-21 approved programs, applications should be submitted via the secure link provided by DPI-WEOP or contact Alisia Marquez at

For all other institutions, click here to request a secure link to submit your application. 

2021-23 Precollege Scholarship Program Administrative Documents (Coming Soon)

For Frequently Asked Questions timelines and due dates, refer to the Precollege Scholarship Proposal FAQs and Deadlines page.