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DPI Precollege Scholarship Program

Purpose:  The Precollege Scholarship Program allows students eligible for free or reduced price meals from across the state to experience college life on a college campus while they are attending middle and high school.


  • Students must be eligible to receive free or reduced price meals.
  • Students must be in grades 6 - 12.
  • Programs are available to eligible youth who meet the precollege admission requirements at the campus they chose to attend and based on availability.
  • Students must complete the DPI Precollege Scholarship Application form and return it to the college campus.
  • Student must receive verification from their middle or high school or a WEOP Education Specialist that they are eligible for free or reduce price meals.

Types of precollege programs:

  • The programs are offered at a variety of public and private colleges/universities in Wisconsin.
  • The programs can be residential or non-residential.
  • The programs must have either an academic or career emphasis.
  • The length of the program varies from campus to campus.
  • Programs are offered during the summer as well as during the school year.

Funding According to WI State Statute 20.255 (3) (fz):

  • $1.9 million per fiscal year is available.
  • The DPI precollege scholarship pays for the cost of the course, books, supplies, and room and board.
  • A precollege scholarship is awarded to a student on a competitive basis based on availability.
  • Students can receive up to three scholarships per program year.
  • College campuses are awarded funds through a competitive process on a two-year grant cycle.

Students interested in the program can fill out the Student Precollege Scholarship Application Form (English Version)   Student Precollege Scholarship Application Form (Spanish Version) or Student Precollege Scholarship Application Form (Hmong Version)

2017-19 Precollege Scholarship Program Administrative Documents:

For Frequently Asked Questions timelines and due dates, please refer to the Precollege Scholarship Proposal FAQs and Deadlines page.

For more information on the application process, reimbursement procedures, and other grant requirements please refer to the grant guidelines document.

For questions about this information, contact Mary Lou Hyatt (608) 267-9161