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Application Instructions

  1. Talk with your high school counselor to see if it's a good fit for you. They will consider how the class aligns with academic plans and whether you meet the pre-requisite for taking a college level class. Ask when, and to whom, the materials must be submitted to at your high school.
  2. Request information from the institution of higher education where you'd like to take classes.
  3. Obtain an ECCP participation form from your high school counselor or download it from the links below.
  4. Submit your completed form to your school officials by the February 1 for summer, March 1 for fall courses, and October 1 for spring courses.
  5. Follow the application or registration requirements at the campus or program you'd like to take classes with.
  6. Make sure to submit any required documentation, e.g., high school transcripts along with any prerequisite documentation (AP scores).
  7. Enroll in your class.
For questions about this information, contact Karin Smith (608) 267-3161