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One of the literal definitions of the word "articulation" is to unite two separate parts by forming a joint. When the word articulation is used by educational institutions in Wisconsin it frequently means a process by which a student from one educational institution is granted some kind of credit by another institution. In order for this to happen there is typically an articulation agreement in place between the two institutions. Examples of articulation follow.  

Articulation/Dual Credit Agreement

AS (Advanced Standing)
High school students are eligible to receive technical college credit if they successfully complete a course taught by a high school teacher using a high school curriculum wherein the high school and the technical college have aligned curriculum competencies and developed an "Articulation Agreement." Upon enrollment in a technical college the student is awarded credit for the courses(s) taken in high school. In addition to articulation resulting from these course to course agreements, there are other learning opportunities such as Youth Apprenticeship and Certified Cooperative Education programs that could result in advanced standing credit. All Wisconsin technical colleges will accept advanced standing from another technical college if the course is comparable to competencies and credits awarded at the second technical college.
TC (Transcripted Credit)
High school students earn postsecondary credit for successfully completing college level courses. A transcript is awarded from a postsecondary institution (technical college, 4-year college or university) that documents the credits awarded for the course. Transcripted credit may be earned at the high school, on-site at the postsecondary institution, through distance learning, or Internet courses. These courses may also be referred to as "technical college credit" or "dual credit" courses when they are taught by a high school teacher with Wisconsin Technical College System Articulation Certification and an "Articulation Agreement" between the high school and the technical college is on file.
AP (Advanced Placement)
High school courses that help students prepare to take an AP exam. Students are eligible to receive advanced placement and/or credit at participating colleges if their scores on the exam meet the postsecondary institution's criteria.


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