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Transportation Reimbursement Claim (PI-8701)

Click here to access the Transportation Reimbursement Claim form.  Submit this completed form and a copy of the PI-8700-A within 30 days of the end of the college semester for which the claim is being filed to:
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Federal Aids and Audits Section
PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

Private College Reimbursement Amount

The school district per credit payment to private institutions for 2017-2018 has been calculated as required by Wisconsin Statute 118.55(5). Based on 2016-17 average general fund net cost per member of $9,885, the payment for one credit in 2017-2018 is $330 to private institutions operating on a semester basis and $220 to private institutions operating on a quarter basis. The calculation is detailed further in this memo. Click here to access it.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-3161