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Mathematics in Wisconsin

Standards Review Process

The Wisconsin's Standards for Mathematics review and revision process went from winter 2020 to  spring 2021, concluding with the State Superintendent's adoption of the revised standards.

Specific information about the DPI's transparent and comprehensive academic standards review process can be found on the standards page. The process began with a Notice of Intent to review and a public comment period in summer 2019. The State Superintendent’s Academic Standards Review Council (SSASRC) examined those comments and recommended revising. The State Superintendent decided to move forward with the revision process. The draft revised standards were reviewed by the public, the SSASRC, and finally the State Superintendent.

Wisconsin's Vision for Student Success in Mathematics

Wisconsin's Vision in Mathematics

Mathematical proficiency is essential for every student in Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics demonstrate a commitment to high expectations for what students should learn and the instructional shifts that will prepare them for their future.

Educators and leaders at all levels must take on the challenge and the responsibility to ensure that all students are mathematically literate.   

Students should analyze, reason, and communicate ideas effectively as they pose, formulate, interpret, and solve mathematical problems in a variety of situations to ensure success in a world beyond the classroom.

Guiding Principles of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics


Guiding Principles of Teaching and LearningWisconsin’s Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning provide important guidance for teaching and learning in the classroom.
Wisconsin educators and mathematics leaders have identified some of the characteristics that should be present in mathematics classrooms at all levels.

WISELearn Resources

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