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Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning

WI Guiding Principles for Math

"All students in light of their humanity - personal experiences, backgrounds, histories, languages, physical and emotional well-being - must have the opportunity and support to learn rich mathematics that fosters meaning-making, empowers decision-making, and critiques, challenges and transforms inequities and injustices.” Equity demands responsive instruction that promotes equitable access, attainment, and advancement for all students (The Impact of Identity in K-8 Mathematics 2013, 9).


Wisconsin Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning - Mathematics, written by local educators and mathematics leaders, identify some of the key characteristics that should be present in mathematics classrooms at all levels in order to move toward equitable instruction.

These characteristics describe ways in which our Wisconsin Vision for Mathematics can be enacted through the 5 Shifts of the WI Standards for Mathematics. An intentional centering of student strengths and experiences, instruction that is rigorous and relevant, and the development of mathematical collaboration and communication all present mathematics as an interactive experience that supports students in fostering a positive mathematics identity and strong sense of agency.

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