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Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics


Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics demonstrates a commitment to our students for high expectations for knowledge, skills and deep understanding of mathematics. These expectations will prepare students to identify, recognize and foster their strengths in order to reason and solve the problems they want to solve. In turn, Wisconsin students will be set up for success in life and any and all post-secondary options.WI Math Standards Cover

Alignment to Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics requires that attention has been given to how the 5 Shifts, the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and the content standards all work together to support student success.

The Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics review and revision process occurred from winter 2020 to  spring 2021, concluding with the State Superintendent's adoption of the revised standards in May 2021.

Standards for Mathematical Practice

WI SMP Graphic

The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) offer opportunities for students to showcase their strengths as they think about mathematics and use mathematical thinking to make sense of problems. These standards describe varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students. 

Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics (2021) includes K-12 versions of the SMP as well as grade band versions of these same standards. The K-12 SMP illustrate that these habits of mind are consistent at all levels of mathematics and develop over time. The grade band versions aim to provide examples of how these practices might come to life within grade level content, providing additional clarity.

Click on the SMP image for a one-page graphic that includes Wisconsin's 2021 revised language for SMP 3 calling for the appreciation of the reasoning of others as students become flexible users of mathematics.

Watch this Standards for Mathematical Practice Video (12:08) from an NCTM Mathematics Video Series to learn  more about each of the eight SMP as life-long skills.

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