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Learning and Teaching

GLEAMTM Instruction

It is important that educators are supported in providing ALL students with GLEAMTM instruction that contributes to deep mathematics learning.High school students by lockers

GLEAMTM instruction is …

  • grade-level
  • engaging
  • affirming
  • meaningful

Over the past few years, WI educators have had the opportunity to work with UnboundEd, studying and implementing GLEAMTM instruction. Read this blog post written by a Wisconsin instructional coach that summarizes GLEAMTM as a support for intentionally planning for rigorous learning. The blog post also provides direct links to UnboundEd GLEAMTM resources.

When considering grade-level mathematics instruction, it is important that learning and teaching are aligned with grade-level content standards alongside WI’s eight practice standards. These practices, or habits of mind, support sense-making, deep learning, and address engagement and belonging as they recognize the role of both procedural knowledge and conceptual understanding in mathematics. Read Putting Practice at the Core of Math Education from Just Equations for more information.

See the additional website drop-downs from this Mathematics Learning and Teaching webpage for details about WI Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning, WI initiatives, Grade-Band topics, and The Strengths of WI Students.

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