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SFS Team Program Assignments

School Financial Services Team

The SFS Finance team is comprised of individuals with diverse, specialized education and professional experience in public school finance and management services, governmental accounting and auditing, data management systems and relevant state and federal policies and legislative processes.

Grant Management Accountants

The grant management accountants team is composed of seven (7) accountants who process over $7 billion in payments annually. They are responsible for processing payments and determining federal allocations for local education agencies and other external organizations. Our accountants work with other DPI teams to assist in managing both state and federal aids and grants.

School Finance Auditors

School finance auditing and accounting is comprised of three (3) school finance auditors. The team does a variety of tasks including reviewing audit reports from LEA’s and other agencies who receive subawards from DPI.

School Administration Consultants

School district consultants or DPI’s professional level program managers are subject matter experts. We have 4.0 of these positions and their responsibilities range from calculating $5.2 billion in general school aids to responding to questions regarding school district reorganization.


We have three (3) information specialists/information technology and one (1) fiscal data coordinator that work to maintain our online reporting and data collections systems for state aids student membership and financial information.


The team is supervised by a Team Director and two Assistant Directors.

Educational Specialist

The SFS Team shares an education specialist with the Parental Education Options Team.


Mark Elworthy
(608) 266-9534

Assistant Directors

Jennifer Buros
(608) 266-1966

Angeline Gaster
(608) 264-9541

Program Staff

Glenn Aumann
Grant program assignments
(608) 266-3489

Olivia Bernitt
(608) 261-2137

Kelly Bolin
(608) 266-3892

Rick Cruz
(608) 266-8255

Jacque Darrow
Grant program assignments
(608) 267-9134

Ryan Egan
Grant program assignments
(608) 266-1723

Kathy Fry
(608) 224-5343

Ben Kopitzke
(608) 267-9279


(608) 267-3752

Deborah Mann
Grant program assignments
(608) 266-6856

Jim Rhinerson
(608) 266-7692

Sumana Sengupta
Grant program assignments
(608) 267-9205

Jake Smith
Grant program assignments
(608) 266-1773

Aaron Ziemke
Grant program assignments
(608) 266-2205

General Information
(608) 267-9114

Staff Assignments

  • Aid Payments: Sumana Sengupta
  • Annual Reports: Mark Elworthy
  • Budget Hearing and Adoption: Jennifer Buros
  • Budget Reports: Jennifer Buros
  • Challenge Academy: Jennifer Buros
  • Common School Fund (Library Aids): Jennifer Buros
  • Community Programs and Services (Fund 80): Mark Elworthy
  • Cooperative Agreements (sec. 66.0301, Wis. Stats): Kathy Fry
  • Debt Service Reporting: Olivia Bernitt
  • Energy Efficiency Exemption: Jennifer Buros
  • Equalization/General Aid: Ben Kopitzke
  • Federal Impact Aid: Jim Rhinerson
  • Fees (Student): Jennifer Buros
  • Fiscal Audit Questions: Olivia Bernitt
  • Foster or Group Home Membership: Kathy Fry
  • Fund 41 (Capital Expansion Fund): Jennifer Buros
  • Fund 46 (Long Term Capital Improvement Fund): Jennifer Buros
  • High Cost Special Education Aid: Rick Cruz
  • Indirect Cost: Olivia Bernitt
  • Membership Report: Jennifer Buros
  • Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB or Fund 73): Olivia Bernitt
  • Per Pupil Aid: Ben Kopitzke
  • Referendum: Jennifer Buros
  • Residency: Jennifer Buros
  • Revenue Limit: Ben Kopitzke
  • SAGE Debt Service, sec. 118.43(4), Wis. Stats: Ben Kopitzke
  • School District Reorganization: Kathy Fry
  • School Level Reporting/ESSA Financial Transparency: (vacant)
  • Special Education and School Age Parent State Aid: Rick Cruz
  • State Tuition Aid Payments: Kathy Fry
  • Summer and Interim Courses (Fiscal, Membership): Jennifer Buros
  • Supplemental Aid, 115.435 WI Stats: Jennifer Buros
  • Tax Incremental District (TID/TIF): Ben Kopitzke
  • Transfer of Service to Revenue Limits: Kathy Fry
  • Transportation Aid: Kathy Fry
  • Tuition (Paid by Parents or LEAs): Jennifer Buros
  • WUFAR: Jim Rhinerson