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SFS Team Program Assignments


Daniel Bush
(608) 266-6968

Program Staff

Bruce Anderson
(608) 267-9707

Roselynn Bittorf
(608) 267-9212

Terry Casper
(608) 267-9218

Roger Kordus
(608) 267-3752

Jillian Raff
(608) 267-7882

Sumana Sengupta
(608) 267-9205

Derek Sliter
(608) 266-3464

General Information
(608) 267-9114

Staff Assignments

  • Aid Payments: Sumana Sengupta, Terry Casper
  • Annual Reports: Roger Kordus
  • Budget Hearing and Adoption: Roger Kordus
  • Budget Reports: Roger Kordus
  • Challenge Academy: Roger Kordus
  • Common School Fund (Library Aids): Roger Kordus
  • Community Programs and Services (Fund 80): Bruce Anderson, Roger Kordus
  • Cooperative Agreements (sec. 66.0301, Wis. Stats): Bruce Anderson
  • Debt Service Reporting: Jillian Raff
  • Energy Efficiency Exemption: Roger Kordus, Derek Sliter
  • Equalization/General Aid: Derek Sliter
  • Federal Impact Aid: Terry Casper
  • Fees (Student): Roger Kordus, Bruce Anderson
  • Fiscal Audit Questions: Jillian Raff
  • Foster or Group Home Membership: Bruce Anderson
  • Fund 41 (Capital Expansion Fund): Roger Kordus
  • Fund 46 (Long Term Capital Improvement Fund): Roger Kordus
  • High Cost Special Education Aid: Roselynn Bittorf
  • Indirect Cost: Tim Coulthart (School Management Services),(608) 264-9331
  • Membership Report: Bruce Anderson, Roger Kordus, Derek Sliter
  • Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB or Fund 73): Derek Sliter
  • Per Pupil Aid: Derek Sliter
  • Referendum: Roger Kordus
  • Residency: Bruce Anderson, Roger Kordus
  • Revenue Limit: Derek Sliter
  • SAGE Debt Service, sec. 118.43(4), Wis. Stats: Jillian Raff
  • School Level Reporting/ESSA Financial Transparency: Daniel Bush
  • Special Education and School Age Parent State Aid: Roselynn Bittorf
  • State Tuition Aid Payments: Daniel Bush
  • Summer and Interim Courses (Fiscal, Membership): Roger Kordus, Bruce Anderson
  • Supplemental Aid, 115.435 WI Stats: Roger Kordus
  • Tax Incremental District (TID/TIF): Derek Sliter
  • Transfer of Service to Revenue Limits: Bruce Anderson
  • Transportation Aid: Bruce Anderson
  • Tuition (Paid by Parents or LEAs): Roger Kordus
  • WUFAR: Terry Casper
For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114