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Revenue Limit Worksheets for Budget Planning

2022-2023 Revenue Limit Worksheets

The following data elements have been pre-populated into the 22-23 spreadsheet:

  • Line 1 - Base Revenue Built from 2021-22 Revenue Limit Data (as of January 5, 2022). Final 2021-22 Revenue Limit will be run in May, 2022.
  • Line 2 - Base 3-Year Average Membership Information.
  • Line 4 - Ceiling.
  • Line 6 - Current 3-Year Average Membership Information. (districts must estimate the Fall, 2022 membership until available)
  • Line 8A - Prior Year Carryover. (finalized May, 2022)
  • Line 8E - Recurring Referenda to Exceed. (data from the SAFR portal)
  • Line 10A - Non-Recurring Referenda to Exceed. (data from the SAFR Portal)
  • Line 10D - Adjustment for Refunded or Rescinded Taxes (data from DOR)
  • Line 12A - 2022-23 July 1 Estimate of General Aid (remember that the October 15, 2022, General Aid Certification must be used when setting district levies in November 2022.)
  • Line 12B - State Aid to High Poverty Districts.

Districts must estimate the remaining data elements. SFS will update data as information becomes available. Call a Finance Consultant if you have questions.

Remember that the pre-populated Excel spreadsheet is NOT live-linked to a back-end data server. Data changes made in the SAFR applications will not appear here until a revised pre-populated worksheet is uploaded. The "Data as of" indicator will show the time/date the data was last loaded.

All past Revenue Limit worksheets are available on our Final Revenue Limit Worksheets page.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114