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Revenue Limit Worksheets for Budget Planning

2021-2022 Revenue Limit Worksheets

Note: To make this document easier to read, it is now in a four-page layout.

The 2021-22 pre-populated Excel spreadsheet reflects current law and may be revised when the 2021-23 WI Biennial Budget is finalized this summer.

The following data elements have been pre-populated into the 21-22 spreadsheet:

  • Line 1 - Base Revenue Built from 2020-21 Revenue Limit Data. (finalized May, 2021)
  • Line 2 - Base 3-Year Average Membership Information.
  • Line 6 - Current 3-Year Average Membership Information. (districts must estimate the Fall, 2021 membership until available)
  • Line 8A - Prior Year Carryover. (finalized May, 2021)
  • Line 8C - Reorg Exemption. (affects only 1 district)
  • Line 8E - Recurring Referenda to Exceed. (data from the SAFR portal)
  • Line 10A - Non-Recurring Referenda to Exceed. (data from the SAFR Portal)
  • Line 10C - Energy Efficiency Net Exemption. (data from the SAFR portal) Districts are reminded that this exemption also incorporates information from the 2020-21 PI-1506-AC Reports, which will not be available until August, 2021.
  • Line 10D - Adjustment for Refunded or Rescinded Taxes (data from the Department of Revenue)
  • Line 12A - 2021-22 July 1 Estimate of General Aid (remember that the October 15, 2021 General Aid Certification must be used when setting district levies in November, 2021.)

Districts must estimate the remaining data elements. SFS will update data as information becomes available. Call a Finance Consultant if you have questions.

Remember that the pre-populated Excel spreadsheet is NOT live-linked to a back-end data server. Data changes made in the SAFR applications will not appear here until a revised pre-populated worksheet is uploaded. The "Data as of" indicator will show the time/date the data was last loaded.

Final Revenue Limit Worksheets

All past Revenue Limit worksheets are available on our Final Revenue Limit Worksheets page.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114