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Revenue Limit Worksheets for Budget Planning

2019-2020 Revenue Limit Worksheets

(To make this document easier to read, it is now in a four-page layout.)

  • 2019-20 Revenue Limit Worksheet - uploaded October 11, 2019 (blank executable).  
  • 2019-20 Prepopulated Revenue Limit Worksheet - as of November 12, 2019.
  • Update incorporates :
    • 2019-20 October 15th Aid Certification 
    • Fall 2019 Property values 
    • Transfer of Service amounts 
    • Impact Aid amounts 
    • Sept 2019 Membership
    • Summer 2019 Membership 
    • Sept 2019 new ICS Membership 
    • PY Open Enrollment amounts 
    • WPCP/RPCP Voucher Amounts 
    • SNSP Voucher Amounts 
    • 2019-20 Exempt Computer Aid 
    • 2019-20 Exempt Personal Property Aid
    • 2019-20 High Poverty Aid 
  • 2019-20 Low Revenue Ceiling Eligibility - as of August 2, 2019. This calculation was done before final CCDEB aid amounts are calculated. If your district is in a CCDEB and eligible for the Low Revenue Ceiling increase, that amount may be offset partially by the CCDEB adjustment in the Revenue Limit calculation (Line 4C).

Remember that the prepopulated Excel spreadsheet is NOT live-linked to a back-end data server. Data changes made in the SAFR applications will not appear here until a revised prepopulated worksheet is uploaded. The "Data as of" indicator will show the time/date the data was last loaded.

THE CALCULATION METHODOLOGY USED IN THE 2019-20 PRE-POPULATED WORKSHEET REFLECTS CURRENT LAW. Note that this calculation may be altered as we move through the upcoming legislative session. Revisit the pre-populated worksheets to check for changes.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114