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School District Reorganization


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Public school reorganization is defined as "the consolidation of two or more school districts, the dissolution of a school district, the detachment of territory from one school district and its attachment to an adjoining school district, or the creation of a school district" (Wis. stats. 117.03(5)).

Laws related to school district reorganization are found in Chapter 117 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

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Detachment and Attachment of Territories

Information and resources regarding the detachment and attachment of small territories (both initiated by owners and by school boards) as well as large territories.

School District Consolidation

Information and resources regarding the consolidation of one or more school districts including the consolidation of a union high school with K-8 districts.

Dissolution of a School District

Information and resources regarding school district dissolution.

Creation of a School District

The time lines and processes related to the creation of a new school district.

Territory Annexed to Certain Municipalities

Information and resources regarding school district boundary changes when territory is annexed by certain municipalities.

School District Boundary Disputes

Process and timeline for districts to resolve disputes regarding territory.

School District Boundary Appeal Board

Information and resources regarding the School District Boundary Appeal Board, procedures for Appeal Board panel hearings, school district reorganization evaluation criteria and reorganization templates.

History and Orders

Information and resources regarding the history of school district reorganizations and lists of reorganization orders since 1991.

Glossary of School District Reorganization Terms

Collection of common school district reorganization terms and their associated meanings.

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