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Family and Community Engagement

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Family and Community Engagement means families and communities are active partners and key collaborators in achieving the goal of success for every learner.

Defining Elements

  • Create a welcoming environment.
  • Be respectful of families’ home cultures, values, and languages.
  • Recognize families as first teachers of and foremost experts on their child.
  • Include families as meaningful participants in school-level decision making.
  • Seek out family perspectives through two-way communication, especially from underserved populations.
  • Partner authentically in finding solutions and making decisions that impact their child’s learning.
  • Empower families through respectful relationships, information and resources, and by connecting families with community assets.
  • Partner with community agencies to create more comprehensive and accessible supports for learners and families, beyond the limits of the school day and school year.
  • Build cultural and linguistic bridges between families and the system.

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