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Strategic Use of Data

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Strategic Use of Data is ongoing, reflective and collaborative analysis of implementation and outcomes data in a problem-solving process to inform improvement and achieve equity.

Defining Elements

Teams at all levels of support:

  • Use implementation data (staff knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices) to:
    • Gauge the extent to which practices are in place and used as intended
    • Gauge the extent to which features of an equitable multi-level system of supports are in place and implemented with fidelity
    • Guide action planning, professional development, and resource allocation
  • Use multiple forms of aggregated and disaggregated student outcome data to:
    • Gauge the effectiveness of system of supports for learners and families
    • Identify who is benefitting from and whose needs are underserved by the system
  • Skillfully use problem-solving processes to inform data-based decisions and actions
  • Establish an environment of trust and transparency for data use
  • Use consistent, culturally competent processes focused on changing the system and adult practices, rather than fixing students and families

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