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Strong Shared Leadership

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Strong Shared Leadership means representative teams with responsibility to lead and oversee implementation of an equitable multi-level system of supports at the school and district levels.

Defining Elements

  • All members model cultural competency and advocate for equity
  • All members promote a vision of success for every learner and foster a shared commitment to the vision across the school and district
  • Team members represent multiple perspectives, with particular attention to providing voice to underserved learner populations
  • Ensure the system is implemented with fidelity and is sustainable
  • Coordinate staff support through resources, professional development, and coaching
  • Use implementation and outcome data to action plan and monitor progress for continuous improvement inclusive of all learners
  • Rely on internal and external coaches to provide valuable insight and feedback to leaders and teams
  • Ensure effective, efficient, reciprocal communication throughout the system

Key System Feature Resources

Promoting Excellence for All: School and Instructional Leadership

National Implementation Research Network (NIRN): Module 2, Topic 3: Leadership

Strong Shared Leadership: Wisconsin RtI Center

Leadership Readiness Inventory: Wisconsin RtI Center

Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership See 1.1.5 Distributed Leadership; 1.2.2 Student Achievement Focus, 2.1.3 Personal Professional Learning and 2.2.3 Change Management and Shared Commitment

SWPBIS Implementation Blueprint. See Implementation phases; Leadership Team

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