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The Wisconsin Seal of Biliteracy


The Wisconsin Seal of Biliteracy

Seal of Biliteracy

Wisconsin School Districts committed to honoring, sustaining, developing, and recognizing students' multilingualism are encouraged to implement the Seal of Biliteracy program.  The Wisconsin DPI Seal of Biliteracy Planning Guide is designed to support you through the planning, application, and implmentation process.  Please present the district's implmentation plan using The Wisconsin Seal of Biliteracy Application Form 9962

Applications should be sent to for review.

Thank you for your efforts to impove equity in access to the benefits of bilinugalism/biliteracy, intercultural skills and global competence.


  Information on the Seal of Biliteracy


   This recorded webinar and accompanying slides provides information about the Seal of         
   Biliteracy program, including information and resources to support  Wisconsin school
   communities as they plan for, implment, and grow local Seal of Biliteracy programs.
WIsconsin Seal of Biliteracy



For questions about this information, contact Tanya Morin (608) 267-9393, Pamela Delfosse (608) 267-9265