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Wisconsin Bilingual-Bicultural Programs

Bilingual Education Requirement

Wisconsin Statute 115.95 gives guidance to school districts who have enrolled a concentration of students who are English learners from the same language group. Once one school in a district has enrolled the following populations of English learners who speak the same language, the district is required to create a plan for a bilingual-bicultural program and communicate that plan to parents in the school district. The number of students which trigger this requirement differs by grade level:

  • 10 students in grades K-3
  • 20 students in grades 4-8
  • 20 students in grades 9-12

Once all requirements of Wisconsin Statute 115.95 are met for the district’s bilingual-bicultural program, the district becomes eligible for reimbursement of a percentage of the cost of its bilingual bicultural program. School districts will complete a Plan of Services prospectively for the upcoming school year. At the end of the school year, the district will complete an End of Year report and submit claims from the bilingual program. To find historical data on this program, see Legislative Reports on the Data and Reporting page.

**Please note that a new BLBC End-of-Year (EOY) and Plan of Services (POS) reporting application is coming soon to WISEhome. Districts should no longer use the reporting links below as this application is being retired. Training on the WISEhome reporting application will be forthcoming. Please check back for updates!** 

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