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Professional Learning: Wisconsin English Language Development Standards



Wisconsin English Language Development Standards

The professional learning modules on this page support schools, districts, and/or organizations in developing a general understanding of the 2020 English Language Development Standards Framework as designed by WIDA.  This framework provides and supports language development and access to curriculum, instruction and assessment for multilingual learners in kindergarten through grade 12. LEAs should use these standards within Language Instruction Educational Program Models (LIEPs) supporting English learners in their local context

Each module includes a Google slide deck with speaker notes, transcripts, applicable handouts and a prerecorded webinar. Any of these resources can be shared, saved and edited for local use.

While an individual user could read the slides and speaker notes or view the recording to develop an understanding of the content, we encourage learning about these standards be done collaboratively. For example, the modules can be used as part of teacher preparation programs, professional learning communities, or to lead a in-person or virtual training.

Module: Wisconsin English Language Development Standards 101

This module is meant to help educators develop a high-level understanding of the standards. It highlights the importance of the English Language Development Standards to the education of multilingual learners. It touches the legal obligation related to the standards and offers suggested next steps and additional resources. 

Supplemental Resources

This module has been created as a resource to be used by school and district-level administrators and educators, as well as, CESA leaders, according to their needs. You may choose to view the recording, slides, and notes on your own or as part of a group. Even if you view this material on your own, we encourage you to find others with whom you can reflect on the content and think about how you might apply it to your specific context.

Click here to access a view-only version of the ELD Standards 101 module slides.  Download and save a copy to personalize for local use.

Click here for a transcript of ELD Standards 101 module presentation.  

Click here to access a note-taking tool for use with ELD Standards 101 module.  

Recorded Modules

Module: Wisconsin English Language Development Standards 101
Note: Additional modules are in development, and will be posted here as they are made available.