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Early Childhood/Dual Language Learners

Dual Language Learners (DLLs) are generally referred to as children birth through age 5 who “acquire two or more languages simultaneously, and learn a second language while continuing to develop their first language.” (OHS 2009)

For guidance on working with Dual Language Learners, Wisconsin DPI has established collaborating partnerships with WIDA Early Years.

This partnership has served to build an integrated approach for connecting Wisconsin’s Model Early Learning Standards with the WIDA Early English Language Development (E-ELD) Standards.  E-ELD standards provide a developmentally sound framework for supporting, instructing, and assessing DLLs. WIDA Early Years offers foundational resources specifically developed to help support the unique language needs of DLLs, ages 2.5–5.5 years, who are in the process of learning more than one language prior to kindergarten entry.

Wisconsin Collaborating Partners website serves as a repository to families, educators, and care providers working with young Dual Language Learners.

Care providers and educators within Wisconsin may access the professional learning modules via the WIDA Early Years and connect to WIDA Master Cadre professional learning opportunities via the English Language Learner  PLC  accessed via DPI’s social media page.


For questions about this information, contact Tanya Morin (608) 267-9393