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Family and Consumer Sciences Licenses

Teacher Preparation

Approved Programs

Pathways to Licensure

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. Out of State
  3. Post Baccalaureate
  4. Experience Based Technical and Vocational Education Subjects

Supplementary Categories

PI 34 Vocational Education. Supplemental licenses are issued to individuals authorized to teach an advanced level occupational skills course in grades 9-12.

Eligibility: The state superintendent may issue a vocational education license in one area specified to an individual who meets all of the following criteria.

  1. Demonstrates competency in principles, issues, or philosophy of vocational education, including completion of a course in organization and administration of cooperative education programs.
  2. Demonstrates related occupational experience for the hours listed in the following 2 ways:
    1. Up to 100 percent of the hours may be gained through paid occupational experience in the related occupations.
    2. Up to 40% of the hours may be gained in any of the following:
      • (1) Graduate credits in technical subjects specifically related to the vocational subject for the license sought. One semester credit may be counted as 95 hours of occupational experience.
      • (2) Attendance at workshops specifically related to the vocational subject for the license sought. One hour of workshop experience may be counted as 3 hours of occupational experience.
      • (3) Occupational internships completed for baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate credit and approved by the state superintendent. One hour of occupational internship may be counted as 3 hours of occupational experience.
  3. Meets the requirements for the specific vocational license, as follows:

    For family and consumer education related occupations, the applicant shall have completed an approved educator preparation program in family and consumer sciences education, hold a family and consumer sciences #1210 license and have completed 2,000 hours of related occupation experience and eligible for the #1216 HERO license. Other specific licenses #1211 Child Care Services, #1213 Food Services, and #1215 Family and Community Services shall have completed in the specific area with 1,000 hours for each license.

The vocational certification process goes as follows:

  1. Obtain an application for a teacher license from either your school district office or DPI.
  2. Collect all letters with verification of work hours.
  3. Collect all transcripts of courses taken since graduation that would relate to the vocational certification application.
  4. Scan and upload documentation via ELO and include your $125 credit card payment for processing.
  5. DPI's teacher certification department reviews the packet; if there are questions about the hours the materials are sent to the FCE Consultant for review before final approval of your license is issued. DPI maintains a searchable database listing all licenses held or pending of Wisconsin teachers.