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Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum

Family Economics & Financial Education (FEFE)

The FEFE project is a collaborative effort between the University of Arizona and Take Charge America, Inc. Its mission is to provide educators with no-cost curriculum materials and the skills and confidence to effectively teach family economics and finance to their students. FEFE's website includes no-cost family economics and finance curriculum and ready-to-teach lesson plans.

Directions for creating a profile and utilizing this free curriculum is available at

DPI Publications

  • Assistant Child Care Teacher (ACCT) Certification: A Program Planning Guide [revised publication pending November, 2019]: This guide has the most current requirements of the Assistant Child Care License and has the competencies matched with the Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Education. The competencies identified by the Wisconsin Technical College System in its state approved course also are matched to the units in this new certification publication. An available preview of the pending revised draft publication includes an introduction to resource units and course outline.
  • Wisconsin's Skill Standards for Child Services: Designed to aid the family and consumer education instructor, work place mentor, and school to work coordinator in delivering the standards necessary for success in the workplace, this work-based learning provides students the opportunity to achieve both technical competencies and vital employability skills for success on the job.
  • Wisconsin's Skill Standards for Food Service: Skill standards are followed by relevant activities; a scoring guide is provided for the activities within each skill standard. The activities reflect state-of-the-art technology and concepts.


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