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Health Science Education Curriculum

These curriculum planning resources are available for your use:

The National Consortium for Health Science Education has many resources to help in curriculum development in the local schools. National Healthcare Foundation Standards, Career Clusters and Pathways, and Assessment are featured, as well as educator links and events. Curriculum is also available for purchase.

Wisconsin’s Skill Standards for Health Science Occupations publication is designed to aid the health science instructor, workplace mentor, and school-to-work coordinator in delivering the National Healthcare Cluster Foundation Standards and to provide examples of activities to deliver these standards. These activities are not all inclusive but should be used as a starting point in the process of teaching the work-based component of Health Science Occupations Education.

This guide is designed to be used by Health Sciences Occupations instructors in connection with the work-based component of the health science program to develop students’ competence and work toward smoother career transitions. Through the use of this document, students’ will also make wiser career decisions and have a sound foundation to continuously learn new skills and knowledge.

It is recommended that the health science instructor research industry skill certificates, youth apprenticeship options, and post-secondary articulation opportunities when designing curriculum and learning activities. By aligning curriculum to multiple competencies and skills, health science instructors will help students meet workplace expectations.

In addition, the Wisconsin Health Careers Awareness curriculum was developed and designed in partnership with Wisconsin Health Occupations Professional Educators (HOPE), health care professional science educators, secondary-level science educators, and the Department of Public Instruction's health education consultant and health sciences occupations education specialist to address Standard D-7 in the Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Health Education.

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