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Keeping Kids Safe Online Month - Preview of October 2021

Thursday, August 5, 2021

October 2021 will be the fifth year of Keeping Kids Safe Online month in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction along with the Department of Justice continue to work together to help create awareness and provide resources to support safe and healthy online choices. With the increased use of technology in schools and at home over the last year, it is crucial we have the support we need to model proactive and reactive behaviors as well as have resources that generate good conversations about some difficult topics all while ensuring positive mental health.

Coming in October will be a new look at some great resources. We continue to update our resources that focus on being proactive in modeling good online behaviors but understand the multiple layers of online safety. We will also provide resources for a reactive approach to dealing with situations that may have already happened. We will discuss the supports that may exist within a school district as well as point to some opportunities for families to connect to resources outside of the district.

October is a great opportunity every year to begin having conversations in schools and at home about the importance of safe choices and having a healthy online presence. The conversations and education don’t stop when October ends. We all need to work to make modeling safe online behaviors part of our everyday lives, in and out of school.

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