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A Resource Collection for Wisconsin Job Seekers

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Public libraries are a hub for job searching activities.

Job seekers use the library to access resources like computers, submit unemployment claims, write resumes and cover letters, and apply for jobs. However, many applicants find themselves overwhelmed with the options. Novice computer users may accidentally stumble upon online scams that are disguised as helpful job application websites.

To help users navigate the online job hunt, DPI has created the Job Seeker website - a collection of free resources to help library users build computer skills and find jobs.

Job Seeker ensures that people in libraries searching for jobs can access free, reliable, and safe tools. Libraries can direct users to the collection or embed the collection on their website. Once embedded, Job Seeker will automatically update and pull the most recent version of our resources. Please visit to get the code to embed our resources.

The most exciting feature of Job Seeker is that it is a collaborative project with contributions from libraries across the state. Library staff connected with DPI staff to build the collection of resources, including:

  • job posting websites
  • financial literacy resources
  • cover letter editors
  • interview tips and techniques

Job Seeker provides a centralized location for all job searching needs. If you work with job seekers directly, get involved in this project by reviewing the collection and providing your feedback.

Kara Ripley