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Visioneer Design Challenge

Friday, February 3, 2017

There is still time to submit the registration form and fee for Wisconsin’s one-of-a-kind, nationally recognized Visioneer Design Challenge.

Someone working with intricate construction-type toys
The judge/mentor for the new Toy Design category is the founder of the Lux company, which makes its blocks and accessories in Illinois and Wisconsin. Image: Lux

The national Art Ed Radio podcast released an interview with Kathy Rulien-Bareis, co-chair of the competition, last fall.

Rulien-Baries calls “design thinking … another layer to what we do in art education.”

“When someone asks me about Visioneers and how it impacts my students’ learning,” she has said. “I explain that students apply their knowledge and skills learned in my art classroom to real life challenges.”

Joe Luginbill with three youth at a table
The judge/mentor for the new Solution
Design category is Joe Luginbill, an
Eau Claire school board member.
Luginbill made waves with a
successful YouTube cooking program
before becoming the 
youngest elected official in Chippewa
Valley history. Photo: Joe Luginbill  

In the Visioneer Design Challenge, students in grades 6-12 try their hand at designing buildings, social solution campaigns, games, animations, products, exhibits, videos, clothing, or 7 other types of real-world visual creations, in long-term challenges which they bring with them to a final, energy-packed day in Milwaukee on April 21, 2017.

There they also tackle a short-term challenge under the guidance of a professional mentor and judge. The long-term project is intended to be an option for a class unit if desired.

The program’s website explains that the target audience is students who are “gifted or talented in the visual arts,” whether or not the district identifies them as gifted and talented. The organizers note that gifted and talented departments may be able to cover the entry fees since it is a statewide competition.