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School Level Budget Report for 2019-20 Open

  The School Level Budget report for the current 2019-20 school year is now open in WiSFiP. This year’s budget report includes the updated...

Required Format for Audited Financials

  In our annual letter to auditors we stated that, beginning this year, school district audit reports must be submitted to DPI as searchable PDFs....

First Special Education Aid Payment

  Amounts for the November 18, 2019 payment of Special Education and School-Age Parents categorical aid, the first payment of the year, have been...

Special Education Edit Checking

  The PI-1505-SE Special Education Annual Report has been reopened for edits and late changes through November 8, 2019. The first edit check was run...

Equalization & Special Adjustment Payment Schedule Posted

  The 2019-20 schedule of payments for Equalization and Special Adjustment Aids by district is now available on our Aid Payment Information page. We...

PI-1504 and PI-1504-SE Opening Delayed to Nov. 4

  Due to an outage in DPI’s test systems that has prevented final sign-offs, we are delaying the opening of the PI-1504 and PI-1504-SE Budget Reports...

Got 18-19 Transportation Findings or Errors?

  The 2018-19 PI-1547 and PI-1547-SS Pupil Transportation Reports collect regular, vocational, and summer home-to-school transportation ridership...

WUFAR Revision #34 Published

  The latest revision to the Wisconsin Uniform Financial Accounting Requirements (WUFAR) has been released. WUFAR Revision #34 is effective...

Revenue Limit Updates – Oct. 18

  What’s with my choice exemption? A number of districts have contacted the SFS Team regarding substantial increases in their aid withholding...

GASB 84 & Fiduciary Funds Webinar

  Terry Casper will present a webinar about GASB 84 and the Fiduciary Funds on Thursday, November 7 at 1:00 pm. It will present the same information...