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Prepopulated 2022-23 Revenue Limit Worksheet

Friday, October 13, 2023

Updates of the prepopulated 2023-24 revenue limit worksheet have begun and a new version is posted on the Revenue Limit Worksheets page. As districts set tax levies and update reports over the next few weeks, we will refresh the worksheet each weekday morning based on current data.

Remember that it is a school district’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of its data. We provide the revenue limit worksheet as a service to show what our version of your computation is—the worksheet is only as accurate as your data that we had on file when it was last updated.

In particular, we recommend you verify your district’s September 2023 pupil count and Summer 2023 FTE and, if necessary, update them as soon as possible. We also recommend that you ensure your district’s Annual Report (formally the PI-1505) for 2022-23 matches your books and any final corrections made by you and your auditor.

If something does not look right on your revenue limit worksheet, contact us before your board sets its 2023-24 tax levy.

What’s New for 2023-24

The 2023-2025 state biennial budget provided a per member increase of $325 on line 4A for both 2023-24 and 2024-25 and increased the low revenue ceiling to $11,000 per member. Accordingly, far fewer districts will be receiving the hold harmless non-recurring exemption on line 7B compared to last year.

Any resulting non-recurring exemptions for hold harmless and declining enrollment are in effect for one year and will not be included in the 2024-25 revenue limit base.

Choice and Charter Reminders

We have populated the prior year open enrollment (line 10E), Wisconsin and Racine Parental Choice Programs (line 10H), and Special Needs Scholarship Program (line 10I) nonrecurring exemption lines with data provided by the DPI Parental Education Options Team. The amounts on 10H and 10I shown for your district, if any, are the state aids that will be withheld this year for your eligible resident students attending participating private choice schools. Districts with resident students enrolled at the newer independent charter schools will continue to see additions to their membership.

The revenue limit impacts of choice and charter expansion are based on where participating students reside, not where their schools are located. Districts have been caught unaware in past years when choice and charter schools opened or expanded nearby. Please be aware that we cannot share names and other details of participating residents.

For questions about this information, contact Ben Kopitzke (608) 267-9279