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County Children with Disability Education Board (CCDEB)

CCDEB Informational Letters

Contain information for CESA/CCDEB Auditors and Administrators related to the required audit and Annual Report completion/submission.

2018 Letter to CESA/CCDEB Auditors
From: School Finance Auditor
Subject: Information for 2017-2018 CESA/CCDEB Audits

2018 Letter to CESA and CCDEB Administrators
From: School Financial Services Team
Subject: 2017-2018 PI 1505 SE (Special Education Annual Report), 2017-2018 PI 1523 Annual Report, Status and Deadlines Update

Chart of Accounts

Annual Reporting Information

Data File Submission

The Annual Report is required to be submitted electronically as an attachment to an e-mail message. Send the Annual Report to: Indicate on the subject line the name of the CCDEB and title of the report "Annual Report". The signature page should no longer be submitted to DPI but must be kept on file at the CCDEB.

    CCDEB Aid Calculation

    One Excel file contains all data. The first spreadsheet in this workbook contains the summary data by CCDEB. Second spreadsheet contains the district-by-district aid computation. Use the pulldown menu to select district; data will then automatically fill-in the form.

    For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114