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Budget Help and Tutorials

Help and Tutorials

The following resources are designed to assist districts with the submission of the next fiscal year Budget Report.

SAFR Budget Report Teaching Tutorials

These training tutorials are designed to instruct users in such areas as basic navigation, data entry and error correction.

Shared Cost Comparison

Before final submission, districts will view a shared cost comparison. Shared cost generated in the Budget Report will be compared to the district's shared cost used in the certification of October 15 aid eligibility. This report is designed to be a data reasonability check.


The workbook is a series of Excel spreadsheet exercises designed to help districts pass the edits of the Budget Report program. Use of the workbook is optional.

Debt Amortization Schedules

Any planned changes to the district's fiscal year debt amortization schedules--including refinancing--must be updated prior to submission of the Budget Report. The Department of Public Instruction has provided debt amortization schedule instructions as a guide for updating the portal.