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The STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is a national non-profit organization committed to advancing STEM literacy for all students. The practices, strategies and programming utilized with The STEM Academy (K-16 Program) were developed from identified national best practices by the National Academy of Engineering and National Science Foundation. Curriculum correlates to NGSS and Common Core standards and features dual-credit agreements with over 180+ post-secondary institutions. Instructors may earn up to 12 graduate school credits through the STEM 101 professional development program.

STEM 101 programming represents a blended learning, real-world, project-based approach where students are challenged with solving open-ended problem applying STEM. Student advancement is realized via portfolio development to include completed assessments, industry certifications and post-secondary dual-credit. Curriculum is designed to support individual course deployment as well as advance an interconnected, multi-disciplinary approach.


Introduction to Engineering
3D Solid Modeling
Design for Manufacturing
Principles of Engineering


Foundations of Technology
Engineering Technology
General Fabrication Method
Green Methods
Material Science
Green Building Science
Renewable Energy

* COURSES feature up to 180 clock hours and delivered via innovative online Learning Management System


STEM 101 Homepage

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