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COLAND Goals 2021-23

COLAND acts in an advisory role to the State Superintendent, Government, and State Legislature. The Council and its members advocate on library and network development policies. Our relationship with statewide library associations and governing boards requires strong communication for mutually beneficial outcomes. With the collaboration of the newly approved committee structure, COLAND offers the following future goals of 2021-2023:

1. To encourage the conversations related to increased broadband equity statewide.

2. To encourage the conversations and provide advocacy related to digital equity ebooks, cooperative contracts, access to digital information, and other information technology development.

3. Examine services and practices adapted during the pandemic to continue enhancing access and inclusivity.

4. Examine non-traditional and underrepresented services, resources, and partners to create spaces, programs, and collections that include all dimensions of identity.

5. To support revisions to ongoing issues for school librarian licensing and professional standards, and advocate for adequate staffing of school libraries.

6. To recruit new members and help grow an organizational structure that encourages more active involvement by council members.