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Visioning Summit on the Future of the Library Executive Planning Group

  • Kathy Pletcher, Chair, Executive Planning Group and Chair of COLAND
  • Rick Grobschmidt, Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning (DLTCL), representing Superintendent Burmaster

  • Jim Backus, trustee, Wisconsin Valley Library Service, representing WLTA
  • Cara Cavin, retired school librarian, representing WEMTA
  • Pat Chevis, Stoughton Public Library, President Elect, WLA
  • Mike Cross, Department of Public Instruction
  • Sally Drew, Department of Public Instruction
  • Ken Frazier, Director General Library Systems, UW Madison, representing CUWL
  • Peter Gilbert, Director, Lawrence University, representing WAICU
  • Sandra Lockett, Milwaukee Public Library, representing COLAND
  • John Nichols, retired public librarian, representing COLAND
  • Cal Potter, retired from Legislature and Department of Public Instruction, representing COLAND
  • Steve Sanders, Department of Public Instruction
  • Jim Trojanowski, Director, Northern Waters Library Service, representing SRLAAW
  • Melinda Orebaugh, Gundersen Lutheran Hospital, representing WHLA


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