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COLAND Goals 2023-2025

COLAND advises the State Superintendent, Government, and State Legislature. The Council and its members advocate for the advancement of library and network development policies. Our relationship with statewide library associations and governing boards requires strong, strategic communication to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. COLAND offers the following goals for 2023–2025:

    1. RECRUITMENT: Support efforts inspiring middle school, high school, and college students to consider a career in library science.
    2. EDUCATION: Evaluate and support educational pipelines, continuing education, professional standards, inclusive practices, and licensing/certification for both school and public librarians.
    3. RETENTION: Increase the retention of professional librarians and help advocate for competitive salaries, benefits, and recognition for service in the field.
    1. ADVOCACY: Advocate with stakeholders in achieving statewide broadband service that is accessible and affordable for all Wisconsinites—a foundational element of digital equity.
    1.  OBSERVATION: Actively and thoughtfully monitor trends, developments, and challenges in modern library services.
    2. ENCOURAGEMENT: Support the Department of Public Instruction, library districts and systems, individual libraries, and professional groups as they implement and experiment with new programs—especially those which serve marginalized populations.
    1. AWARENESS: Increase awareness of COLAND through outreach to libraries, library systems, and professional groups.
    2. NETWORKING: Develop and support active relationships with—and between—libraries, librarians, and vital organizations aligned with COLAND goals.
    1. PROTECTION: Vigorously defend intellectual freedom and the Right to Read. 
    2. PERSEVERANCE: Support libraries and their staff as they face a recent surge in book challenges; carefully monitor state and national trends in book challenges, as well as the groups and opinions fueling them.




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