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Background materials for COLAND Summit


Act for Libraries

Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Economic Impact/Economic Development

Economic Contribution of Wisconsin Public Libraries to the Economy of Wisconsin, NorthStar Economics, Inc., 2008

Economic Impact Studies and Resources

Governor Announces Grow Wisconsin Initiative to Increase Jobs and Raise Incomes, Wisconsin Governor's Office, 2003

Making Cities Stronger: Public Library Contributions to Local Economic Development, The Urban Library Council, 2007

Worth Their Weight: An Assessment of the Evolving Field of Library Valuation, Americans for Libraries Council, 2007


Pat Fisher, Ellen Miller, and James Connor, Effective Governance for Rural Libraries, WebJunction, 2007

Library/School Library Media Center Roles and Services

The 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition: A report to OCLC membership, OCLC, 2004

2006 School Library Media Study: Student Learning Through Wisconsin School Library Media Centers, Department of Public Instruction

Cynthia Nikitin and Josh Jackson, Libraries that Matter, Project for Public Places, 2006

Kaplan, Allison G., Is Your School Librarian 'Highly Qualified?', Phi Delta Kappan, December 2007

Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public Leadership and Attitudes about Libraries in the 21st Century, Public Agenda, 2006

Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space, Council on Library and Information Resources, 2005

Mates, Barbara T., Information Access for People With Disabilities, Library Technology Reports, May/Jun2004, Vol. 40 Issue 3

Nina Sonenberg, Libraries for the Future: Innovation in Action, Libraries for the Future, 2005

Other Resources

School Libraries Work, Scholastic Research and Results, Scholastic Library Publishing, 2008

SLA and the Global Community: Gaining Worldwide Recognition, Information OutLook, v.12 No.2, February, 2008

Smith, Bruce, Statewide Library Delivery in Wisconsin: The Present and Future Landscape, South Central Library System, 2008


Talks Richard Baraniuk: Goodbye, textbooks: hello open-source learning, TED Ideas worth spreading (Internet site)

To Read or Not to Read: A Question of National Consequence, National Endowment for the Arts, 2007

Resource Sharing

COLAND Biennial Report on the Condition and Progress of Wisconsin Libraries, 2006-2007, Department of Public Instruction, 2007
COLAND Biennial Progress Report 2006-07

COLAND Issues Paper on ILL and Resource Sharing in Wisconsin, February 23, 2008

Manifesto for Rethinking Resource Sharing, Rethinking Resource Sharing Policies Committee, 2007

State Superintendent's Report on Intertype Library Cooperation and Resource Sharing 2013-15, Department of Public Instruction, 2015

Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Guidelines, Department of Public Instruction, 2016

State-level Library Service Websites


Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning

Delivery Services (South Central Library System Statewide)

Wisconsin Educational and Technology Media Association (WEMTA)

Wisconsin Health Science Library Association

Recollection Wisconsin (New Wisconsin Heritage Online)

Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Library Association

Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS)


BadgerNet: Wisconsin's Statewide Telecommunications Network

Bocher, Robert, A Summary of the ALA Study on Library Bandwidth Issues, Department of Public Instruction, 2007

Information Behavior of the Researcher of the Future, UCL, 2008

Information Searches that Solve Problems, How people use the internet, libraries, and government agencies when they need help, PEW/Internet and American Life Project and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, December 30, 2007

Library Information and Technology Advisory Committee Issue Papers
These papers are available on the agenda and minutes page

  • Information Literacy: Wisconsin's 21st Century Libraries
  • BadgerLink
  • Consumer-Driven Digital Products: Downloadable audio/video and the impact on libraries
  • Virtual reference services
  • Interlibrary Loan

Meeting the information needs of the American People: Past Actions and Future Initiatives, U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, March 2008.

Perceptions of Idaho's Digital natives on Public Libraries, Idaho Commission for Libraries, 2007

Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World: A Report to the Membership, OCLC, 2007

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