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Council Members 2023 - 2024



Isa Small - Chair

Professional Member, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Term ends 7.01.2024

Ellen Kupfer - COLAND Vice-Chair

Public Member, Kenosha, Term ends 7.01.2025

Terri Muraski - Secretary 

Professional Member, UW Stevens Point, Term ends 7.01.2024

Joshua Klingbeil - Member at Large

Professional Member, Wisconsin Valley Library Service, Term ends 7.01.2025



Amy Beth Bahena -Ettner

Professional Member, Green Bay Area Public School District, Term ends 7.01.2025

Amy Thornton

Professional Member, Madison, Term ends 7.01.2025

Andi Cloud

Public Member, Oneida, Term ends 7.01.2025


Public Member

Christinna Young Gene Swearingen

Professional Member, Ladysmith, Term ends 7.01.2025

Dennis Myers

Public Member, Germantown, Term ends 7.01.2024

Mayor Eric Genrich

Public Member, Green Bay, Term ends 7/01/2026

Jaime Healy-Plotkin

Public Member, Madison, Term ends 7.01.2025


Public Member

Kristi Williams

Public Member, Cottage Grove, Term ends 7.01.2025

Michael Otten

Public Member, Wausau, Term ends 7.01.2023


Public Member

Nick Dimassis

Professional Member, Beloit Public Library, Term ends 7.01.2026

Rachel Thomas

Professional Member, Amery Area Public Library, Term ends 7.01.2025

Robert Lee Nunez II

Professional Member, Kenosha Public Library, Term ends 7.01.2025

Terrence Berres

Public Member, Franklin, Term ends 7.01.2026



Professional members are library science, audiovisual and informational science professionals representative of various types of libraries and information services, including public libraries, public library systems, school libraries, public and private academic libraries, special libraries and library educators. Public members are individuals who have demonstrated an interest in libraries or other types of information services.  (Wis. Stat. § 15.377[6])

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