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English Language Arts Assessment

A New Balance:  Wisconsin's Strategic Assessment Systems

A Balanced Approach To Assessment

Balanced assessment systems have played a key role in schools across Wisconsin for many years. Schools use a variety of assessments – formative, interim, and summative – in order to drive the teaching and learning process, making effective decisions about what comes next for learning, program effectiveness, and closing achievement gaps.

In Wisconsin, educators recognize the need to strategically choose high quality assessment tools and practices, and then coherently and purposefully use that information to directly impact student achievement.  

Strategic assessment systems emphasize:

  • The very purposeful alignment of assessments and their use to the data inquiry process

  • The critical and primary role that formative practices play in driving the teaching and learning process

  • The importance of identifying high-quality assessments to produce effective and efficient information about students' readiness for college and career

Strategic Assessment Systems

State assessments and timelines

Forward Exam Practice Test and Sample Items