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Disciplinary Literacy in English Language Arts

Wisconsin's Definition of Disciplinary Literacy 

In Wisconsin, disciplinary literacy is defined as the confluence of content knowledge, experiences, and skills merged with the ability to read, write, listen, speak, think critically and perform in a way that is meaningful within the context of a given field. For more information on the standards, please review the document on Literacy in all Subjects or the DPI Literacy in all Subjects webpage.

English Language Arts

As a discipline, there are many contexts within the English language arts requiring unique understanding and application of knowledge, skills, and experiences. Text is defined broadly, as any communication involving language. Texts can be spoken, written, or visual (listened to, read, or viewed), highlighting the integrated nature of the discipline, often merging the ability to read, write, listen, speak, think critically, and perform in meaningful ways. With the help of English language arts educators, students must navigate the language and text practices in order to communicate effectively within the language arts.

Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts provide clear expectations around student learning at each grade level.  As an integrated discipline, the English language arts encompass myriad opportunities to build content knowledge, experiences, and literacy skills.

One example of the integrated nature of the English language arts comes from the National Council of Teachers of English. Their recent publication, "Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing," establishes not only the complex nature of writing but the merging of various skills.