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English Language Arts in Wisconsin


Standards Review Process

Wisconsin's Standards for English Language Arts are scheduled for review and possible revision beginning summer 2019. Specific information about the standards review process can be found on DPI's webpage for standards.

The article linked here summarizes the process, provides information about how to be involved, and explains the status of standards for English language arts in other states.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has a transparent and comprehensive process for reviewing and revising academic standards. The process began with a Notice of Intent to review and a public comment period from July 9 through August 30. The State Superintendent’s Standards Review Council will examine those comments on September 17th, and recommend whether to revise or develop those standards. The State Superintendent determines whether to move forward with a revision process or continue with the current standards. If revision or development is determined to be needed, a state writing committee is then formed to work on those standards for all grade levels. That draft is then made openly available for review to get feedback from the public, key stakeholders, educators, and the Legislature, with further review by the State Superintendent’s Standards Review Council. The State Superintendent then determines adoption of the standards.

Wisconsin's Vision for Student Success in English Language Arts

Wisconsin's Vision for English Language Arts

Wisconsin's Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning provide important guidance for approaching the discipline of English language arts.  

Certain foundations of the discipline connect all standards across the four areas of reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language at a more conceptual level.  

To further connect the standards, and to make explicit the underpinnings of the discipline of ELA, Wisconsin has developed several broad emphases to consider listed as the Wisconsin Foundations for English Language Arts.

Wisconsin Writes

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Wisconsin Writes provides a glimpse into the writing processes of Wisconsin writers. Each video story captures the recursive, complex, often messy writing process from some of the best writers in the state. Visit the following link to the Wisconsin Writes website to access the videos and additional social media.

ELA Resources in WISELearn

English Language Arts Resources in WISELearn

Explore WISELearn Resources and find high-quality instructional materials contributed by Wisconsin educators in English Language Arts.

Stay Connected!

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The WI DPI English Language Arts PLC is a space where PK-16 ELA educators can engage in a dialogue around practice and research by adding ideas through links, posts, and comments.


Additional Resources

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