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District Guidance for Allotments Over $30,000

District Guidance for Allotments Over $30,000

Funding for this grant is based on the Title I funding formula. Districts that receive an allocation of $30,000 or greater must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment and are required to allocate at least 20% of the grant funds toward a well-rounded education, at least 20% toward supporting safe and healthy students, and a portion of funds (at least one budget item coded under 4109) to support the effective use of technology.

If a district receives less than $30,000 in funding a comprehensive needs assessment is not required and there is not a required set-aside percentage for well-rounded and safe and healthy students, however, a district must spend money on activities in at least one of the three categories.

This new federal grant provides districts with funds towards building capacity to ensure that all students have access to high-quality educational experiences.

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