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AFNR Education Listserv

Using the Listserv

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To send messages to the listserv:

  • Open a new email. Address your email to
  • Should you "Reply" or "Reply to All"? Reply emails the sender of the message only. "Reply to All" emails the entire Wisconsin Ag Ed and FFA listserv. 
  • Subject. Include key words in your subject line; descriptive subject lines make searches of the listserv easier.

To search the listserv:

Select "Search" from the side bar menu of the AFNR and FFA Listserv homepage.

To view or change settings:

Select "My Account" from the side bar menu of the AFNR and FFA Listserv homepage. For example, you may choose to receive listserv correspondence individually when submitted or via summary in the digest mode.

For additional help, please e-mail

Unsubscribe from the Listserv

To unsubscribe from the fcefccla listserv:

  1. Visit the AFNR and FFA Listserv homepage.
  2. Select the "My Account" tab.
  3. Make sure your email address is indicated in the appropriate box, then select the "No email" option for Membership type.
  4. Select the "Save Changes" button.

Following these steps should take effect right away, and will prevent you from receiving any additional emails from the fcefccla listserv.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or want to be added to the listserv.

Sally Ladsten, AFNR Education Consultant
FFA State Advisor

For questions about this information, contact Tabetha Otten (608) 266-3928