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Summer Meal Program Choices for Schools

As summer plans begin to take shape, many students face uncertain days. The healthy school meals your school has offered during the year may no longer be available to them. School Districts providing summer school academic and/or summer enrichment activities for children are encouraged to consider the three distinct funding opportunities that would allow for the continuation of those healthy school meals into the summer months. These opportunities include:

  1. Extension of your current programs: National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, and/or Afterschool Snack Program. Allows you to feed your summer school students under the same program(s) you operate during the school year. All program requirements remain the same. Reimbursements for the meals served remain the same. If interested in extending your NSLP and/or SBP, please contact a consultant from the School Nutrition Team.
  2. The Summer Food Service Program for Children (SFSP): Provides funding resources to schools who wish to feed FREE meals to ALL children, those who may be attending summer school as well as other children in the community. Schools that have 50% or more of their children eligible for free and reduced price meals during the regular school year (area eligible) are able to participate in this program. For more information regarding the SFSP, visit How to Apply.
  3. Seamless Summer Feeding Option: Allows you to feed FREE meals to ALL children (same as the SFSP) attending summer school as well as other children in the community during the summer months. The eligibility for this program is the same as the SFSP. Reimbursement is based on the free meal rate for the NSLP and SBP. For more information, please contact either Brittany Zerbe, 608.266.5185 or Christine Novak, 608.261.6325.


For questions about this information, contact Shiela Coulton (608) 665-9232