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Summer Food Service Program - Getting Started

Is there a need for a Summer Food Program in your community?

The intent of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is to provide funding to agencies/organization so that they can in turn, provide healthy meals to children during the summer, mostly in areas that are considered low-income.

Is there a Summer Food Program already operating in your community?
The2020 SFSP Sponsor List (updated 4/28/20) provides the names of the agencies sponsoring the Summer Food Program in WI and their contact information. If you do find a sponsor in your area, you may wish to contact them to see if your organization could partner with them to expand the program in your area. If you don't see a sponsor within your community, check to see if your community qualifies.

Does your community qualify?

  1. The USDA Capacity Builder Map is a great way to determine if areas within your community qualify for the SFSP through census data. The map is also capable of identifying SFSP open sites and locations of potential partners in your community (churches, housing authorities, libraries, etc.). Enter an address in the Find Address or Place search field. The pink areas qualify. For assistance, contact WI SFSP Coordinator, Amy Kolano at (608) 266-7124.
  2. Wisconsin Free/Reduced Eligibility for All Public Schools (October 2019) can also be used to determine area eligibility. A SFSP site may operate in a suitable location within the attendance area of a school that has at least 50% of its' students eligible for free and reduced price meals during the school year.​

Although not typical, Summer Food Programs can operate in areas that do not qualify via census data or school data. These types of programs provide meals to children who have specifically been determined to be low-income. See SFSP Site Definitions and Eligibility Documentation for an overview of all site types and eligibility requirements.

Training for WI Sponsors
All new sponsors are asked to attend training provided by DPI on April 3rd, 2020. This training will cover how to apply, eligibility requirements, program operation, and filing claims for reimbursement. Visit SFSP Training for more information.

Application Process
The DPI begins accepting new applications in March. Prior to attempting to complete the online application, NEW sponsors MUST must contact DPI and attend training. Applications submitted without prior notification from NEW sponsors will not be received! Contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124 for more information.

For questions about this information, contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124