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Summer Food Service Program - Materials & Resources

Items noted with 'Updated 2019' have been recently revised; if keeping a printed version of the Guide to Operating the SFSP (orange binder), these resources should be downloaded, printed and put in the binder that DPI provided in 2018.  New 2019 Sponsors will receive a complete Guide at training.

To-Do List for Sponsors: Requirements and Due Dates for 2019

Guide to Operating the SFSP - Introduction Updated 2019

Application Process Updated 2019 The application process begins on March each year. If your agency is NEW to the SFSP, please visit the Application & Qualification Process for the Summer Food Service Program page. You will also need to contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124 prior to completing an on-line application.

Enter SFSP Contract Information

SFSP Application Manual Updated 2019

Sample Letter to the Health Department

Permanent Agreement/Policy Statement - PI-1482-AP Summer Food Service Program - non-school sponsors only In addition to completing the on-line application all new sponsors that do not contract with DPI for the National School Lunch Program, must complete the Permanent Agreement/Policy Statement and return to DPI.

Serious Deficiency Policy

List of Sponsors to be reviewed in 2019 Updated 2019

Site Definitions & Eligibility Documentation

Wisconsin Free/Reduced Eligibility for All Public Schools (FY 2017) can also be used to determine area eligibility. A SFSP site may operate in a suitable location within the attendance area of a school that has at least 50% of its' students eligible for free and reduced price meals during the school year.​

Sponsor Site Agreement

Documenting Participant Eligibility Updated 2019

Household Letter Updated 2019

Household Income Application

Household Income Application Instructions

Household Size-Income Scale for 2018-19 Use for sessions that operate 7/01/18 - 6/30/19

Categorical Eligibility - Tips for identifying valid numbers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota  Updated 2019

Meal Service Requirements

SFSP Meal Pattern Chart

SFSP Grains/Breads Chart

SFSP Offer Versus Serve

USDA Farm to Summer Fact Sheet

Field Trip Request Form - This form can be used to notify the sponsor and DPI when meals are taken on field trips. Upload a pdf version of the completed form or field trip calendar into the SFSP contract online.

Production Planning

Production Record and Worksheets - An Overview

Combined Production Record for Breakfast, Lunch Snack and Supper

Breakfast Production Record ,  Lunch Production Record,  Snack Production RecordSupper Production Record

Production Worksheet Instructions

Production Worksheet Using Column 3 of the Food Buying Guide

How to Credit Menu Items Flowchart

Product Formulation Statement Evaluation

Food Buying Guide: Calculator, Mobile App, Print, and Interactive Tool

USDA Foods Updated 2019

Procurement Updated 2019

Vendor Agreement - Purchasing from a school

Vendor Agreement ($250,000 and under) Updated 2019

Procurement LogUpdated 2019

Certification Statement - Suspension & Debarment

Federal Contract Provisions


2019 Training Registration coming soon! Visit SFSP Training for more information.

Training Checklists

Training Documentation Form

USDA Informational and Training Webinars

Monitoring Sites

Pre-Operational Site Visit Form

Site Review Form - Self-Prep Sites - can be used for both the 1st week visit and review required prior to the end of the 4th week

Site Review Form - Vended Sites - can be used for both the 1st week visit and review required prior to the end of the 4th week

Civil Rights

Racial/Ethnic Data Form

Prototype Media Releases  Updated 2019

Civil Rights Training - Although developed for schools, these resources can be utilized by all sponsors.

Accurate Meal Counting

Breakfast Meal Count Form,  Lunch Meal Count Form,  Supper Meal Count FormSnack Meal Count Form

General Meal Count Form - up to 250

General Meal Count Form - up to 250 with milk inventory

Daily Reimbursable Meal Record

Field Trip Meal Count Form

Program Reimbursement

2019 Reimbursement Rates 

Determining Potential Reimbursement 

Reimbursement Claim Form

Reimbursement Claim Instructions

Online Claim Instructional Manual

Financial Management

Inventory Record


Mileage Record

USDA Guidance Manuals

Administrative Guidance Manual for Sponsors

Monitor's Guidance Manual

Site Supervisor's Guidance Manual - English

Site Supervisor's Guidance Manual - Spanish

Nutrition Guidance Manual - English Updated 

Nutrition Guidance Manual - Spanish New 

Policies - SFSP (USDA SFSP Policies - check for updates throughout the year)

Regulations - SFSP Federal Title 7 -- Agriculture Chapter II -- Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture, Part 225

Other Programs - At-Risk Afterschool Program


For questions about this information, contact Amy Kolano (608) 266-7124