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Summer Food Service Program - Materials & Resources

SFSP Requirements Deadlines for 2024 

Final Rule Summary: USDA is implementing regulatory changes to the SFSP regulations that simplify program requirements for SFSP program operators, improve the customer experience for participating children and families, and strengthen the integrity of the program. Many provisions codified through this final rule were previously allowed as program flexibilities and are demonstrated to facilitate program administration and service delivery for children and their families. This rule is effective Oct. 1, 2022. Compliance with the provisions of this rule must begin May 1, 2023. Parts of the Final Rule most relevant to sponsor operation are outlined in the Final Rule Summary. The full Final Rule may be viewed online: Federal Register Notice of Final Rule.

SFSP Application Process

The SFSP Application will open for updates starting March 1st. Do NOT attempt to update it prior to that date.

Application Process Revised 1/24

If your agency is NEW to the SFSP, please review the Application Process resource and information provided on the Join the SFSP page.

SFSP Sponsor Action Plan NEW! Use this document to help you plan the who, what, when and how for your Program.

Enter SFSP Contract Information

2024 SFSP Application Manual

2024 SFSP Assigned Consultants Find the consultant assigned to your agency.  

2024 List of Sponsor Reviews - This list is subject to change. All new sponsors will also receive a review in their first year.

Sample Letter to the Health Department

Permanent Agreement/Policy Statement - PI-1482-AP Summer Food Service Program (Revised 3/24)- For NEW non-school sponsors only 

Serious Deficiency Policy Updated 2/23

Appeal Procedures Updated 9/23


Sponsor & Site Eligibility

Data entry icon  Sponsor & Site Eligibility Revised 1/24

Site Definitions & Eligibility Documentation - Revised 1/24

FY2024 Census Eligibility for Public Schools New!

Wisconsin Free/Reduced Eligibility for All Public Schools (October 2023) can also be used to determine area eligibility. A SFSP site may operate in a suitable location within the attendance area of a school that has at least 50% of its' students eligible for free and reduced price meals during the school year.​ Free and reduced data from schools without defined attendance can only be used to qualify that particular school. More recent free/reduced data may be submitted to DPI for review to determine if it may be used to establish 2024 eligibility.

USDA Capacity Builder Map Select the FY24 FNS CACFP and SFSP Eligibility Layer to determine if a site is located within an eligible area using census data.

Sponsor Site Agreement

Documenting Participant Eligibility

Pencil and writing paper icon  Documenting Participant Eligibility Revised 1/24

Household Letter Use for sessions that operate 7/01/23 - 6/30/24

Household Income Application Updated for 2024

Household Income Application Instructions

Household Size-Income Scale for 2023-24 Use for sessions that operate 7/01/23 - 6/30/24

Categorical Eligibility - Tips for identifying valid numbers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota

Meal Service Requirements

Chef hat with spoon icon  Meal Service Requirements - Revised 1/24

SFSP Meal Pattern Chart

SFSP Grains/Breads Chart

SFSP Offer Versus Serve

Nutrition Guidance Manual - English

USDA Farm to Summer Fact Sheet

Field Trip Notification Form (for sponsors to submit to DPI)

Off-site Consumption Poster - Post in meal service area to notify participants of items that may be taken off-site when congregate meal service is required.

Food Safety and Sanitation Resources and Best Practices

Production Planning

training iconTraining Revised 12/22

SFSP E-learning and Webinars

Training Checklists Revised 12/22

Training Documentation FormRevised 12/22

ICN eLearning - Explore online training opportunities for Child Nutrition Program professionals

USDA Informational and Training Webinars

Monitoring Sites

Monitoring Sites Revised 1/24

Pre-Operational Site Visit Form Revised 12/22

Site Review Form - Self-Prep Sites Revised 1/24 - Use when meals are prepared onsite to document the site visit, review and/or follow-up review. The form includes the Monitoring Assessment for determination of follow-up visits/reviews.

Site Review Form - Sites that have meals delivered  Revised 1/24 - Use when meals are delivered to the site to document the site visit, review and/or follow-up review. The form includes the Monitoring Assessment for determination of follow-up visits/reviews.

SFSP Review Form for Non-Congregate Sites - NEW 1/24

Civil Rights

Scale icon  Civil Rights Revised 12/22

Race and Ethnicity Data Form Revised 12/22

Sample Race and Ethnicity Data Collection Form New 12/22

Civil Rights Training Options

Justice for All Poster USDA updated the And Justice for All poster with the updated nondiscrimination statement. DPI has ordered the new posters and once they are received, the DPI will distribute them to our participating agencies. Continue to post the 2019 posters or print this 2022 poster to use until the new posters arrive. 

Accurate Meal Counting
Program Reimbursement

Finance icon  Program Reimbursement Revised 1/24

2024 Reimbursement Rates

Determining Potential Reimbursement/Budget Calculator Updated 1/2023

Reimbursement Claim Instructions

Online Claim Instructional Manual Updated 2/2023

Reimbursement Claim Form - use only as a template for the online claim, for amendments, or when requested by DPI

Financial Management

Calculator icon  Financial Management Revised 12/22

Inventory Record

Employee Timesheet Prototype 

Employee Timesheet Prototype

Net Cash Resource Calculator Use this calculator to determine if the Net Cash Resource balance exceeds the allowed amount.

2024 SFSP General Ledger Includes Net Cash Resource Calculator

Mileage Record

Unused Reimbursement Tip Sheet New!

SFSP Regulations/Policies/Other Programs

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