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Webinar Recordings

The slides and recordings are now available for you to watch and download at your convenience. This page will be updated with new recordings as they become available.

Filing the Forms 470 and 471 for Internet Access: TEACH (BadgerNet) Customers (1/10/2023): This webinar will provide critical information for TEACH (BadgerNet) customers about filing for Internet Services only over the BadgerNet TEACH broadband circuit.


E-rate Category Two Funding (12/14/2022): This webinar will focus on using Category Two (C2) funding to support internal connections (LANs) in schools and libraries. Topics will include: eligible services and equipment, the five-year C2 budget cycle ending in funding year 2025, determining the funding that remains in your district’s or library’s C2 budget, planning for C2 funding requests, identifying network needs between now and the 2025-2026 school year, planning C2 purchases to use all of your C2 funding in the current five-year budget cycle, and C2 installation timeline.


Introduction to E-rate: Program Basics, and Getting Ready to File (12/01/2022): This webinar will provide an overview of the E-rate program. Topics will include: history and purpose of the program, determining what Category One (internet and transport services) you will apply for, determining what Category Two (LAN, wifi, etc., equipment and support) you will apply for, program timelines, requesting bids or quotations and E-rate funding using the Forms 470 and 471, purchasing funded equipment, submitting for reimbursement, the EPC portal, and mistakes to avoid.


E-rate Preparing to File the Form 471 (11/22/2021): This webinar focuses on the process of preparing to file the Form 471 and specific information for WiscNet on BadgerNet Customers, USAC Training Videos, and a Form 471 Category 1 Filing Guide and Form 471 Category 2 Filing Guide provided by Julie Tritt Schell from E-rate in Pennsylvania.

Video & Slides 

E-rate Form 470 Basics (10/27/2021): This webinar focuses on the process of filing Form 470, pre-existing contracts, requirements for posting the bid, choosing the correct service type, Category 1 service types, and Category 2 services types.

Video & Slides

E-rate Bidding Rules & Best Practices (10/25/2021): This webinar focuses on the principles of the bidding process, how bids must be written and the conducted, determining bid evaluation criteria, USAC Sample Bid Evaluation Matrix, creating separate bid documents, critical notes about using an RFP, timelines, and common bid violations.

Video & Slides

E-rate: An Introduction (10/20/2021): This webinar covers the basics of the E-rate program: program administration, Category 1 and Category 2 funding, review of the Draft version of the FY 22 Eligible Services List, USAC Discount Matrix, calculating Category 2 budgets, USAC Budget Tracker , the application process, timeline, and an overview of Forms 470, 471, 486, 472/474.

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Additional E-rate Training

Short USAC Training Videos

USAC School & Library Division Webinar Series

SETDA E-rate Training Series

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