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Certified E-rate Lunch & Enrollment Numbers

1/5/2024: FY24 Valid File Spreadsheet

EPC Administrative Window Open

The EPC administrative window opened October 24, 2023 for E-rate applicants to update free/reduced lunch and enrollment numbers, and any other information in the EPC Portal that needs to be updated. DPI’s lunch and enrollment information data (“valid file”) is posted above. Note that the data on the valid file is from the December snapshot of the 2022-2023 school year. This is the most up-to-date data which has been certified by DPI and this is the data that we will send to USAC to be used by PIA, the E-rate application reviewers. It is imperative that the data you enter in your EPC profile matches the DPI posted data to avoid PIA questions about your free/reduced and enrollment numbers. Contact us if you want to use different numbers for your district on the valid file and you can document why. Note that if you use different numbers PIA will contact DPI to confirm the numbers. DPI cannot validate different numbers without the required documentation from the district. Using different numbers will make more work for PIA, your district and DPI.

E-rate applicants can update their lunch and enrollment information in two areas, the Entity Profile (discount calculation) and the Category Two Budget. You are required to update your lunch and enrollment data. In addition, we recommend that you update your Category Two enrollment data if your district’s enrollment went up in 2022-23. This will ensure that your district maximizes its C2 budget. Step-by-step directions for this process are available in the USAC webinar, “Request a C2 Replacement Budget.” USAC will close the administrative window in early January, locking entity profiles shortly before the Form 471 application window opens. Once this window closes you will not be able to change any of your profile information.

Pre-recorded USAC training is available for how to update entity information during the administrative window. The recording and slides are available on the USAC webinar page, see October 19, 2023 E-rate Fall Training: EPC Administrative Window.

Special Note for Applicants on the TEACH Network

Please login to EPC and double check the accuracy of your Entity Profile information. Wrong or missing information can negatively affect the TEACH statewide consortium application for E-rate discounts on the TEACH Network. 

Private School Lunch & Enrollment Data

Private school agency and school level enrollment and participation reports are available on the DPI School Nutrition Program Statistics page. 

CEP Percentages

We receive a common question about the CEP percentages looking low in the posted valid file. Please note that CEP percentages that are entered into EPC are automatically multiplied by 1.6 by USAC, which will yield a much higher F/R percentage.

For questions about this information, contact Rachel Schemelin (608) 266-5190