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State Processing Program


State of Wisconsin

School Food Authorities (SFAs) have the option of spending entitlement on USDA State Processing (C Code) products. Based on feedback from SFAs, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), manages our own direct diversion program and offers a select list of favorite end products for SFAs to use in their meal programs. Ordering these products by the case and month is as easy as ordering Direct Delivery Brown Box.

  • SFAs that do not have the capacity to run their own direct diversion program, have the opportunity to order some favorite processed products for school meals. State Processing product examples include chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and meatballs.
  • DPI completes the procurement, Buy American, and contracting requirements, saving SFAs’ valuable time.
  • DPI works with schools to conduct taste testing to ensure student acceptance.
Who Can Participate
Wisconsin SFAs that do not participate in direct diversion can participate in this program.
DPI Fees
SFAs incur processing fees per case, and DPI administrative and storage fee per gross weight of cases. SFAs that opt for state delivery will also pay DPI delivery fees. For more details, on the WI USDA Foods webpage, left navigation bar, click on “Product Values and Fees”.
Timeline and Tasks


  • DPI releases next year’s State Processing product list.


  • During the open Annual Order Survey, SFAs submit product case quantities and select months for delivery for next school year.

Additional Ordering Opportunities

  • Based on the state’s entitlement and USDA surplus offers or cancellations, from time to time, DPI may send emails with additional ordering opportunities for SFAs to receive more State Processed Products. The list of these products is typically very limited compared to the Annual Order Survey.

During the School Year

  • SFAs monitor orders in the WI USDA Foods Ordering System. DPI converts surveys to orders each month based on inventory at DPI’s contracted warehouse. SFAs opting for state delivery will receive delivery during the Orders month and cannot delay delivery when products are listed on a monthly Order. SFAs opting to use a commercial distributor for delivery may have more flexibility to ask distributor to deliver cases when SFAs request.

Product Selection and Specifications

At the end of each contract cycle, DPI evaluates the performance of the product. If there is opportunity to pursue a new product, DPI requests SFAs complete a Product Preference Survey. Product selection is based on the results of the survey, request for information, and results from the bid process. Bid specifications are drafted to align with Wisconsin Nutrition Standards


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact or (608)267-4599.


Jessica Oele 
Contract Specialist, MS, RDN, CD
(608) 266-3296
Lera Karns
Contract Specialist
(608) 267-9288