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State Distribution


School Food Authorities (SFAs) participating in USDA Foods through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) may choose the State contracted distributor to deliver their USDA Foods.

SFAs may contract with a commercial distributor and still opt to have USDA Direct Delivery (Brown Box) products delivered by The State contracted distributor delivers Direct Delivery and State Processed Products only. All Direct Diversion and Cheese Rebate end products must be delivered by an SFA contracted commercial distributor.

SFAs opting for State Delivery, will receive a one time per month delivery of their USDA Foods Direct Delivery (Brown Box) and Wisconsin State Processed (C Code) Products.

  • DPI does the required procurement and contracts with a distributor, a significant staff time savings.
  • SFAs must plan their Orders well, thinking about storage capacities and product usage before the Annual Order Survey opens. During the Annual Order Survey, SFAs select the product case counts by month. Once the Annual Order Survey closes, SFAs cannot cancel or move delivery months.
  • The State contracted distributor is not a prime vendor and cannot deliver Direct Diversion or Cheese Processing end products.
  • State delivery of USDA Foods and State Processed products is a one time per month delivery. Orders cannot be delayed or split into two deliveries in a month.
  • SFAs report order delivery discrepancies in the WI USDA Foods Ordering System.
  • Be sure you understand the Delivery expectations and how to submit a discrepancy to DPI.


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Contract Specialist
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